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When customers call us for services, we deliver solutions. We take a practical approach, working with you to understand the issue, define objectives, and meet those goals effectively and efficiently. As experienced risk operational professionals, we not only know the broad requirements, we understand the subtleties associated with each risk challenge.

Process Safety Management

Our PSM experts routinely bring start-up facilities into compliance and mature facilities to the next level of operations improvement. With a thorough knowledge of the requirements, we make it a priority to clearly communicate—in a way that everyone understands—how their facility PSM processes work.

Trust us to assist in the establishment and maintenance of your Process Safety Management process. We will perform an initial review of your existing systems and identify areas that need additional updates. For new facilities, we can work with you to create an effective PSM process. JCL can:

  • Develop your PSM process for you on a turnkey basis, or assist you in the coordination or development of any phase or element
  • Provide on-site training for your personnel
  • Conduct operator orientation for your personnel

As your operations grow or change, we can also ensure you keep pace through periodic consulting, revalidation and recommendations.

JCL can develop effective Process Safety Management procedures related to compliance elements specific to your site and industry. Our experts can also provide both operating and maintenance procedures designed to minimize risk issues.

We will describe tasks to be performed, data to be recorded, operating conditions to be maintained, samples to be collected, and safety and health precautions that should be taken. The procedures outlined will be technically accurate, understandable to employees, and revised periodically to ensure that they reflect current operations.

Any recommended operating procedures will be made available for review by your engineering staff and operating personnel to ensure their accuracy. We will also work with you to ensure the procedures provide practical instructions on how to actually carry out job duties safely. This will enable you, as the employer, to certify annually that the operating procedures are current and accurate.

Before the first shovel is turned on any process facility, it’s important to conduct a design review to verify that the planned process is safe and compliant. The JCL Risk Services team can conduct a Process Hazard Analyses (PHA) to ensure that a sound and documented approach is incorporated into the new project or existing facilities. Hazard and Operability Studies (HAZOPs) and Preliminary Hazard Analyses along with What-If Checklists are the most common techniques we employ.

JCL team members can review existing release scenarios and establish potential consequences of a variety of releases within your facility. This information is key for effective responses to both community and governmental concerns.

The JCL team has more than 25 years experience conducting facility siting reviews. Our expertise includes not only conducting studies, but also writing programs that can be utilized in projecting effects of releases at facilities.

The JCL Facility Siting Evaluation includes:

  • Review of the plant information
  • Review of buildings included in the evaluation
  • Distinguishing between permanent and portable buildings
  • Siting evaluations for fire, toxics and explosives including blast load assessments
  • Conclusions for fire, toxics and explosive scenarios
  • Plot plans over-pressure contours and plot plans with API-RP 753 contours
  • Control room window calculations

JCL can review your list of flammable and toxic substances to develop a comprehensive Risk Management Program that conforms to existing EPA requirements. The RMP will include:

  • A hazard assessment that details the potential effects of an accidental release, an accident history of the last five years, and an evaluation of worst-case and alternative accidental releases;
  • A prevention program that includes safety precautions and maintenance, monitoring, and employee training measures; and
  • An emergency response plan that spells out emergency health care, employee training measures, and procedures for informing the public and response agencies (such as the fire department) should an accident occur.

Program Audits & Reviews

Let our professionals review your existing process safety information. After the review, our experts will design an audit that takes a comprehensive snapshot of your existing PSM and RMP processes. The result: a comprehensive and actionable plan to bring the necessary program elements into compliance with both regulatory and company requirements.

For both new and existing facilities, JCL can review the “as-is” and develop a comprehensive gap analysis of any compliance issues we observe. When issues are uncovered, we can also design a plan to mitigate those issues for compliance and safer operations in your facility.

Let the JCL Risk Services team assist in the safe startup of your facilities. A pre-startup safety review should be completed prior to the introduction of materials of a hazardous nature into any process. Our thorough review will confirm the following:

  • Construction and equipment is in accordance with design specifications
  • Safety, operating, maintenance, and emergency procedures are in place and adequate
  • For new facilities, a process hazard analysis has been performed and recommendations have been resolved or implemented before startup
  • For modified facilities, they meet applicable management of change requirements
  • Training for each employee involved in operating the process has been completed

In addition to pre-startup safety reviews, JCL Safety Services can provide a Project Safety Supervisor to be on-site during construction, ensuring safe practices are followed and regulations met.

Navigation of the complex regulations of OSHA and EPA, along with consensus standards, takes time and a keen understanding of the requirements. JCL Risk takes the complex and delivers practical compliance approaches that will not have you looking over your shoulder, but rather confident in your implementation strategy.

Coordination of emergency response and contingency plans that include appropriate community and governmental agency involvement can be a tough task. Our experience in developing and updating these plans for our clients provide peace of mind in the event of an emergency, knowing that the coordination piece has been put together and communicated to all groups potentially affected.